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Your ride, our thank you. With Beecab, always in the fast lane!Your ride, our thank you. With Beecab, always in the fast lane!

Beeloyal - The loyalty program for Beecab passengers

Join us on a discovery tour!

We highly value your loyalty to Beecab and would like to give something special back to you! Welcome to the exclusive Beeloyal – our brand-new Loyalty Program that elevates your ride experiences to a new level.

Through your membership, you not only receive a unique membership card that identifies you as a valued member but also numerous exclusive benefits that await you with every ride.


This is what Beeloyal brings to you:

Beeloyal Classic Membership

Welcome to Beeloyal by Beecab! As a member, you benefit from exclusive advantages that make your ride experiences even more enjoyable. Enjoy a fixed discount of 5% on all your booked rides. This is our way of thanking you for your loyalty. Join Beeloyal and experience:

taxi discount in cologne


5 % Discount

on every ride!

Premium taxi service in Cologne

Access to offers

Be exclusively informed.

Premium taxi service in Cologne


Get prioritized access service.

Beeloyal VIP Membership

Welcome to the exclusive VIP Club by Beecab! As a VIP member, you'll experience luxury and comfort at the highest level. Enjoy a generous 10% discount on all your rides and additional premium benefits. Become a VIP and take advantage of:

Premium taxi service in Cologne discount



on every ride!

Premium rental cars in Cologne

Acess to offers

Be exclusively informed.

Premium support for taxi rental cars in Cologne

Priority-Service Plus

Faster pickups, exclusive access.

Now, secure a 5€ discount! Sign up and save luxuriously!

Beecab wants to express gratitude to its loyal customers! Explore Beeloyal – our exclusive VIP program with a 10% discount on all bookings. As a member, you receive a personal card that distinguishes you as a valued BeeCab member. Simply apply through the form on our website – for luxury and discounts on every ride!

Thank you for the registration. We'll see you soon.

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